A week to live as a Global Citizen

The students see not only their classroom but also the world.

At this summer camp, our students who participated in the project of "Update Koh Lanta" will work to solve the problems for the reconstruction of Koh Lanta, whose economy was hit by the COVID-19.

The "Academic English Program", encourages students' communication with the local people. And our business professionals will support each group to plan "the update of Koh Lanta".

A week at GVS spring camp is to learn in the real world, and to become a Global Citizen.





Accepted Ages

Number of Participants


August 14, 2022 (Sun) - August 20 (Sat)

The International School of Asia, Koh Lanta

Sirilanta Resort


8 to 16 years old

20 (Minimum 6)


*includes program fees, accommodations, breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, insurance, transportations between the airport and the school as well as between the school and accommodation.


Academic English Program

Canada, with a mixture of French and English, is the place of origin where immersion program has started. At our school, experienced teachers train students to learn English with teaching methods based on their strong Canadian curriculum.
Our English learning processes make students enjoy to use English in their daily lives, which  enables to accelerate the growth of students' English proficiency.

Ideal Nature for Study

Experiences in the real world that make full use of the five senses are always associated with learning in the classroom at our school.

The pristine natural environment of Koh Lanta, locates our School, maximizes students' learning experiences.

Koh Lanta is rich in natural materials such as mangroves, majestic mountains, snorkeling and jungle, and its beautiful beaches and scuba diving are world-famous.

Project Based Leaning

Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to complex problems.
The COVID-19 brought to Ko Lanta a serious shortage of tourists, which made the island industry destructive situation. 
Students will tackle to solve this problem with adults and local people. Adults who have rich experience in the project managemet field will provide a strong support.  

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Information Session

The online information session will be held on the dates below.

  • February 20th, 2022 10:00am (Bankok-time)

  • March        8th, 2022   7:30pm (Bankok-time)