Before traveling to Thailand, you will need to get a Non-Immigrant Visa type “ED” for your child and parents can also obtain Non-Immigrant “O” visas in relation to their child's visa.

To help apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa at the Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country, the school will issue you with a letter to confirm that your child is a student at GVS.



Please read the information below carefully to make sure you understand the requirements for obtaining visas, and then contact us using the form at the bottom of the page, if you would like to request the relevant documents to apply for visas.

Non-Immigrant visas from a Thai Embassy or Consulate

You have two options when applying for a Non-Immigration visa:


1. Multiple Non-Immigrant Visas – this visa allows you to come in and out of Thailand many times; each time you will be granted a stay of 90 days. This visa suits people who travel regularly.  The Visa is valid for 1 year. People who hold this type of visa have to leave Thailand every 90 days.


2. Single Non-Immigrant Visa – this visa allows you to come into Thailand once only and lasts for 90 days from the day of arrival. If you leave Thailand without a Re-Entry permit, this visa is automatically cancelled.  If you arrive with a Single Non-Immigrant visa, you will need to apply for a one-year extension.

Documents required for pupils to apply for a 1 year ED visa

1. Application Form (T.M.7)

2. Passport with copies of:

  • Passport photo page

  • Page with Non-Immigrant visa stamp or sticker

  • Page with stamp of last arrival in Thailand and white card (T.M.6)

3. A letter from school confirming the student’s status at GVS

4. One passport size photograph

5. Fee 1,900 THB

Documents required for parents to apply 1 year Guardian extension

1. Application Form (T.M. 7)

2. Passport with copies of:

  • Passport photo page

  • Page with Non-Immigrant visa stamp or sticker

  • Page with stamp of last arrival in Thailand and white card (T.M.6)

3. Copy of each child’s passport:

  • Passport photo page

  • Page with one-year visa stamp

4. Letter from school confirming the student’s status

5. Child’s Birth Certificate showing name of parents (Thai or English: other languages have to be translated)

6. Bank letter confirming a deposit in a Thai bank of 500,000 THB

7. Bank statements for the last 3 months.

8. Copy of bankbook updated for the last 3 months.  The amount of money shown in the bank book must be the same as that shown in the letter from the bank.

9. 1 passport size photograph

10. Fee 1,900 THB

Please note...

Only one parent per one child can apply for a Guardian Visa.  Parents with two children or more who would like to apply for a Guardian Visa require two accounts of 500,000 Baht each or a joint account of 1 million Baht with a Marriage Certificate.


A letter from the embassy attesting to your income does not apply for guardian extensions. For a guardian extension you have to show money in the bank.

After getting a one-year visa, it is advisable that you get the re-entry permit at the same time. If the pupil(s) have to leave Thailand more than once before the visa expires, it is advisable that they get a ‘multiple re-entry’ permit.

A re-entry permit allows them to re-enter and use the time remaining on their visa. If you go out of Thailand without a re-entry permit, your visa will be cancelled automatically.

The School’s Role in the Issuance of Visas

GVS will assist with students’ visas by issuing the necessary documentation, although parents are responsible for all applications for student visas and visa extensions.


Letters and documents for parents can be issued upon request under the rules and regulations of Thai Immigration.

If you need further advice about obtaining visas, please either contact Krabi Immigration or submit your enquiry to the Thai Visa Advice Facebook group (which is very helpful).  

We are unable to provide any further information, other than what we have listed above.  We can only help by providing you with the official documents you need from the school.

Please contact us on the form below to request the necessary documents.  

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