Our pre-school uses the UK Early Years Curriculum.

In the main school, we follow the Canadian curriculum.


These curriculum are used to help the teachers plan their lessons, as well as a basis for assessing what the children have attained and the progress they are making.

Teachers use the information they have gathered and present it to parents in the form of termly reports on their child's progress.

Children also receive Thai lesson, and optional after-school clubs are on offer.

The preschool curriculum has three broad prime areas of learning, which feed into four more specific areas.  Effective learning in all of these areas is achieved through playing and exploring, active learning, and creating and thinking critically.

Prime Areas of Learning

Communication & Language

Physical Development

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Specific Areas of Learning

English Language


Understanding the World

Expressive Arts & Design

There are seven areas of the main school curriculum.  They cover a wide range of learning, enabling the children to develop into global citizens.
Although these areas are separate, their learning constantly takes threads from each of these, allowing a broad cross-curricular approach.

English Language

  • Speaking and listening skills to enable effective communication with others.

  • Reading skills to appreciate a variety of texts.

  • Writing skills to communicate ideas and stories to others.


  • Developing and applying a range of mental and written skills through play, inquiry and problem solving.

  • Learning a variety of vocabulary to enable children to communicate their reasoning and thinking effectively.


  • Demonstrating curiosity and a sense of wonder about the world. 

  • Developing a range of skills, including careful observation, predicting, analyzing and questioning to increase the children's understanding of the world in a wide range of contexts.

The Arts

  • Appreciating that dance, drama, music and visual arts are languages for creating and communicating.

  • Exploring personal experiences, community and culture through arts activities.

Physical Education

  • Learning how to participate and move in a range of physical activities, and the effects this has on our bodies.

  • Learning the benefits of regular physical activity in all aspects of our well-being.

Social Studies

  • Understanding the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

  • Learning how humans and the environment impact on each other.

  • Developing the skills needed to participate in a democratic society and why it's importance.


  • Identifying and appreciating their personal attributes, skills, interests and accomplishments.

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of people in their schools, families and communities.


In this school it's all about the children! The school community, including teachers, volunteers and the kids, are open and warm. They made our son, who has special needs, feel welcome and inspired from day one. He learned a lot and gained heaps of self-confidence from this experience. Thank you Teacher Sue, Gerry, and everyone at GVS!


This school is truly one of a kind, I wish I could have attended GVS as a kid! The staff are an enthusiastic and eclectic group, making for a unique learning environment. Gerry the principal is a patient, passionate, driven, and fearless leader.


Global Village School is a fantastic school. My daughter loves going there.  Already, after just a few months of attending GVS, she has developed tremendously both academically and socially. The teachers and all the staff are fantastic and I am very grateful to them all for their hard work and great teaching. Thank you!

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